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Vehicle Body Repair Apprentice

Would you like to be part of The Academy?

We are looking to give someone the opportunity to start their career with FJ Chalke as a Vehicle Body Repair Apprentice.

Vehicle body repair technicians assess damage and repair all elements of a vehicle after it has sustained some type of collision damage. These range from small damage through to heavily impacted types of damage requiring complex and detailed repair or replacement of major structural elements of the vehicle.

Duties may include:

  • Removing damaged panels and parts, and removing upholstery and accessories to gain access
  • Removing dents by hammering panels
  • Straightening damaged vehicles and parts using mechanical and hydraulic equipment
  • Replacing badly damaged sections with new panels
  • Filling depressions with plastic filler, and filing, grinding and sanding repaired surfaces
  • Cutting and joining replacement sections using welding equipment
  • Fitting repaired or replacement panels on vehicles and refitting body hardware such as door locks and trims


If you would like to be part of the FJ Chalke Academy then please email Kezia Fowler, Academy Manager:

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Kezia Fowler
Kezia Fowler - Academy Manager